About Us

Hi there I'm Gemma. (founder of Raw4sure)

I thought a lot about feeding raw when my pups were young but it seemed so daunting.

It was when a friend mentioned transitioning her own dogs that it gave me the confidence

to give it a go.

I saw positive changes in my dogs and cats health that I hadn't seen in past pets

I started Raw4sure alongside my dog walking business and in 2012 I opened my shop full

time and never looked back.

We're an independent shop based in Layer-De-La-Haye, close to Colcester town centre.

Situated on Wick Farm with plenty of parking and some neighbouring sheep and cows.

Bringing you a variety of products, purchased with my staffies in mind, we aim to offer you as much choice as possible under one roof.

Reasons a raw diet is ideal for your pet

All nutrients are absorbed, resulting in less waste, smaller poos, easier to pick up

Cleaner teeth preventing gum disease

Obesity can be easily controlled, relieving issues such as arthritis

Healthy skin an coat

Reducing food senitivities

Immune support and all round healthier pet