About Us

Hi there I'm Gemma. (owner of Raw4sure)

I have always been passionate about feeding my pets the very best possible diet, after much research into raw feeding in 2012 I chose to begin to feed my dogs and cats a raw meat and bones diet. At the time I felt pretty much alone with that decision but carried on regardless and now many years later​ I am frequently amazed at the positive results in the health, well being and behavior of my staffies, old and young.

It had always been a struggle to find reliable suppliers of quality meats locally, so I am now bridging the gap by supplying the growing number of Essex raw feeder's a choice of raw meats, chews and treats to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Why is it important to feed your pets a raw diet?

A raw diet is great for giving puppies and kittens the best start in life, the diet contains natural minerals to keep your pet healthy and strong.

Just like us, feeding naturally helps keep teeth clean and helps prevent gum disease also making it easier to prevent obesity and related problems such as arthritis.

Natural feeding can help alleviate pre-existing health problems, fit and healthy pets means less vet bills.

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